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Our Professional Book Cover Design Services will make your book stand out and sell volumes

Higher book sales correlate with stand-alone artistic book covers, which American Book Marketing’s design teams excel at making. Your cover is the first point of contact of your book with your target market. Thus, you can’t afford to fall behind in cover design. The professional design experience we provide brings together imaginative designers with state-of-the-art software and equipment. We pay close attention to composition, readability, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that all parts of your cover designs are well-crafted.

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    Designed Book Covers
    Book Cover Art
    Reach out to grab a beautifully designed book cover for your niche book and distinguish yourself from the mediocre within the book writing industry.

    Why hire us to create your Book Cover?

    Our expertly-crafted book covers begin with keeping the theme and story of your book in mind, rather than isolating them from the design. We imagine your readers in a bookshop, and design exactly what would make them pick your book. Our artists incorporate color theory, art movements and principles of design in creating a masterpiece cover. Brilliance and vividity, minimalism or impressionism, or whatever art style you need for your book design, we’ve got you covered!

    Book Cover Art in USA
    Book Cover Art

    Jack of no genres, Cover Design Masters of all

    We design high-quality book covers tailored exclusively to your story, niche and target audience. American Book Marketing delivers cover designs in subgenres within poetry and fiction genres like romance, horror, mystery, suspense, crime, paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction (sci-fi), historical fiction, urban fantasy, erotica, young adult, to nonfiction book genres such as reference, self-help, documentary, autobiography & memoir, history, and many more.

    Book Covers Collection

    Our book cover portfolio features a collection boasting various skillsets and
    design elements across varying genres and industries.

    Chat or Call now to Consult with our Design Experts, to design a wholesome and eye-catching cover!

    Our Process

    Check out the simple and cost-effective procedure we use to create the book cover of your dreams.

    Step 1

    Take the first step. Simply use our online quote to generate a project quote for your book. Choose your book's trim size, cover style, bookbinding style, cover finish, print type, paper stock, and design options in the add-ons section.

    Step 2

    After you've saved your quote and selected your design options, you'll be prompted to complete a short design questionnaire. You will be able to communicate your overall vision as a result of this. You can either upload your photos or have your designer finish your book cover using their professional tools.

    Step 3

    After all, is your book and your ideas do matter to us We experienced American book cover artists will take your ideas to understand what you want and combine them with our expertise by visualizing how images would merge and what adjustments will be necessary to achieve the ideal layout in designing only one picture book that you will be happy to display and your all stress for your book cover art showcase will vanishes. Before commencing the final cover design process, we are usually pleased to assist with image selection and provide a sample layout.