Book Proofreading and Editing Services in USA

Wrote drunk? Let us Edit sober. Our panel of expert Proofreaders and Editors will invigorate your Manuscript like no other

Our professional editors and proofreaders are caffeine-infused perfectionists that help us rank among the top-notch service providers for book editing in the USA. Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, our teams will obsessively revise manuscripts thrown their way until your chances of becoming the best author are fulfilled. Place yourself in the shoes of exceptional authors writing books that fail to make it to the best-seller lists because the books weren’t edited right. Would you do that to yourself?

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    Book Editing Services
    Our editors and proofreaders scan your manuscript for the following:
    And more…!

    Our Professional Proofreading and Editing Services cover all grounds for Print Books and eBooks.

    Basic Editing or Comprehensive Review? Developmental Editing or Structural Improvements?

    American Book Marketing combines multi-faceted editing services with a talented pool of native editors and proofreaders; that’s why our clients include us among one of the best proofreading and editing companies. We are well-versed in all stages of editing skills and know how to fine-tune your book to perfection, no matter the stage it’s in. The errors in your book could be few and far in between, the Sherlocks in our camp will pick them out. The grammar and syntax could be very messy, the Fitzgeralds in our teams will clean it all. Our creative junkies are geniuses like that.

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    Our Process

    Our process is very simple and easy to deliver you highly professional proofreading and editing service

    Professional Editorial Review

    You may find your book lackluster but it may actually be publish-ready. Alternatively, you may think your novel is good to go but it may require thorough rounds of developmental editing as per professional standards. That’s why American Book Marketing begins with a Professional Editorial Review of your manuscript to ensure all parties have a comprehensive understanding of where the book stands and where it needs to go.

    Editing Overview Shared with Customized Editing Strategy

    Based on the editorial review, your criteria and the book’s genre, we assign a niche-specific editor/proofreader to the project. We devise plans after consulting with you on how to approach the book.

    Punctual and Efficient Deliveries

    Depending on the book length, we send you edited sets on a weekly basis. We also attach Track Reports so you can see the exact changes made. We may occasionally attach comments where we are uncertain about the changes and need your input first.

    Communication and Feedback-Based Approach

    We place a special emphasis on client communication and keep you informed throughout the book editing and proofreading process. It is a two-way street, so any feedback you give is implemented without compromise.

    Approval, Final Skim, And Book Publishing

    Following your approval, the finalized draft is given one last look to ensure best-seller content quality. We then proceed to final
    formatting and forward the perfectly-edited book to publishing executives.