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Our extraordinary team of author website designers have designed websites for some of the world’s most well-known authors, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Their websites have also been featured in a number of blog entries by some of the world’s most well-known magazines and publishers.
Do you want to be among them? Reach out now and ask for a quote.

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    Why set up a contract with our Author Web Design Company?

    Our professional web designers are skilled in creating websites for authors of all genres and industries. We understand how critical it is for an author to have a website that represents their profile and helps them stand out in today’s saturated marketplace. We construct and design an innovative website for you combing our knowledge, experience, and resources with your profile. We attempt to present visitors with a clear depiction of the author’s information through our clean, ordered designs, rather than injecting them with unnecessary rambling. Leaving a positive impression on the visitor’s minds keeps them connected to your website, and we know how to do it!
    Author Website Design Services
    book author website design
    We create a variety of author websites, including the following
    • Poetry book website design
    • Fiction book website design
    • Comic book website design
    • Non-fiction book website design
    • Romance book website design
    Our skilled author website designers are eager to develop your site for increased traffic and book promotion campaigns.
    Give us a single call and leave the rest to us to enjoy the perks of our website design service.
    author website design in USA

    Pros of Hiring our Author Website Design Company

    Websites that are Mobile-Friendly

    More than half of your website visitors use their phone or mobile device to visit your website. Our website designs are built from the ground up to be mobile-friendly.

    Search Engine Optimized

    It makes no difference that your website is the best in the world if no one visits it. Our author websites are configured with search engine optimization in mind to help you acquire more consumers.


    To perform at its best, your website requires attention. For as long as you need it, we provide professional continuous support for you and your website. Our staff is made up of seasoned professionals who are quick to grasp your requirements. No matter what your issue is, our team will respond promptly and effectively.

    Author Web Design Company
    We’re popular with authors because we’re easy to work with and know what makes an excellent author website. Your website should demonstrate your professionalism and emphasize your work.
    That’s why American Book Marketing personalizes your site so that it not only looks amazing, but also functions well.

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    Our Process

    Our easy peasy process focuses on the following:

    Fill out the Questionnaire

    Fill out a quick questionnaire sent by our Marketing Specialist. Once you return it, we will reach out to you to discuss pertinent information and customize your web strategy.

    Conduct Research and Create an Outline

    The candidate best suited to design your website will be chosen, and after conducting extensive study on your website design, he or she will write an outline for you to approve.

    Approval of the First Webpage

    The designer will next start working on the initial webpage, which will hopefully pique the visitors' interest and create a positive first impression. If the author is pleased with the first webpage, the subsequent pages are built in a similar fashion, taking into account the author's thoughts and requirements.

    Proofreading and Editing

    Our staff members inspect the design to verify it is complete and make any necessary revisions.

    Finishing the Formatting, Typesetting and Design

    The format and structure are completed according to the author's preferences once the design has been accepted by many sets of eyes.

    Launch Your Website

    The website gets launched after it is finished. We optimize it to increase visitors by creating SEO-rich content and implementing a marketing strategy.