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Whether it’s time to produce ebooks, paperback books, hardcover wraps, audiobooks, box set design, or to offer Kindle Vella, a design service, our writers and designers have the expertise in each of them, and this is the reason we are highly known as the best book cover design company in the USA. When it comes to putting thoughts on paper, our writers work miracles with their divergent thinking.
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    What Makes Us the Best Book Cover Designing Agency in the USA?

    People do evaluate a book by its cover, so make sure it’s fantastic! For every author who wants their book to be successful, having a beautiful book cover design is the key. We deal with both self-published indie authors and best-selling New York Times authors. We provide comments on your design request and advice to help you reach the vision you have for your artwork from the beginning of your book cover design inquiry. We create book covers that are tailored to your genre and target audience. We make covers for romance, horror, mystery, suspense, detective, crime, paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction (sci-fi), historical fiction, urban fantasy, new adult, young adult, and a variety of other genres. We also provide nonfiction book design services in genres such as reference, self-help, memoirs, documentary, biography, history, and much more.
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    Book Cover Design Services

    Our Achievements

    We have helped over 700+ authors and designed over 5000 book covers. We have always created remarkable and profitable best book cover design that meets with the client’s project outline and that makes us confident to say that we never disappoint our clients or make them fail to achieve their goals.


    We develop stand-alone book covers and consistent designs for book series and serial sets using our professional design experience, software, and equipment. We pay close attention to composition, readability, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that all of the parts of our designs are unified and perfected.
    Book Cover Design Services in USA
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    Our Process

    Check out the easy and affordable process that we follow in creating the book cover of your ideas

    Step 1

    To create a project quote for your book, simply use our online quote. In the add-ons area, choose your book's trim size, cover style, bookbinding style, cover finish, print type, paper stock, and design choices.

    Step 2

    After you've saved your quote and chosen your design options, you'll be asked to fill out a brief design questionnaire. This will allow you to communicate your overall vision. You can either upload your photographs or have your designer use their expert resources to finish your book cover.

    Step 3

    Our skilled American book writing cover designers will take your ideas and mix them with their expertise by envisioning how photographs will blend and what changes would be necessary to achieve the optimal layout in producing the unique book cover that makes you confident and happy to display. Before beginning the final cover design work, we are always delighted to assist with image selection and provide a sample layout.