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We spin your raw musings into delectable words to write the book of your dreams. Our ghostwriters dine on rough drafts and incomplete thoughts, think outside the box, and produce sedulous finished manuscripts on a daily basis. Give us your plot idea, and watch us transform it with finesse.

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    Have trouble putting your thoughts or feelings into words? Feel unsure about how to effectively draft a book outline you’ve started? Know everything but cannot manage the time to work on your unfinished manuscripts or rough drafts? Relax, because we understand any and all possible problems you may face… and we know exactly how to solve them. Our premium book writing teams are experts at intuiting the personality and style of your writing requirements. American Book Marketing takes your ideas and build a world of words around them. That too with guaranteed 100% unique drafts.
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    Our carefully vetted team of ghostwriters hail from a variety of backgrounds, including industry, creative & performing arts, religion, sciences, technology, advertising, communications, academia, social sciences, engineering, and so on. Your niche-specific requirements will always be assigned to writers from specialized genres and fields. Our professional writers become masterful brainstormers as soon as they hear your creative ideas. They are buzzing to produce excellently written content until you are not only satisfied, but are left gasping and wonderstruck. We at American Book Marketing pride ourselves on being writing junkies, never giving less than our best, and stay committed to creating profitable content that meets your specific commercial goals.
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    Our Process

    To gain your trust for a lifetime we make sure that the content we provide you is the
    top-notch of the market, so we go with an easy process.

    Extensive Research and Devising an Outline

    When an order is dropped, our staff contacts the client and addresses every aspect of the plot, premise, or whatever the book is about. The committee then gathers for a meeting to discuss the proposal with the team. When he is confident that he can create a masterpiece with the concept, the team decides which writer to assign the job to, or the writer volunteers. The drafting process begins the next day, and a writer begins working on your concept.

    Approval from the Client

    After you have approved our thoroughly researched outline, our storytellers will immediately begin writing your first draft based on your idea. As soon as the first chapter is completed, our staff can email the customer and provide him with a draft of the first chapter. After the client approves the writing, then our ghostwriter continues working on the second chapter. If the consumer requests a change, we expressly request that the writer strictly follow the client's instructions and operate by their suggestions. Our mission is to provide you with the best book writing services possible, and we make every effort to do so.

    Editorial Review

    We continue to edit drafts in multiple iterations to improve our writing process. Our teams keep you up to date on the progress of the content. Our editor continues proofreading and editing the manuscript until the book is completed, and he does so by international standards.

    Formatting Designing and Typesetting

    As soon as the manuscript is written, revised, proofread, and approved by the customer, we format it thoroughly by inserting fonts, drawings, and integrating the accepted front and back covers. We request additional feedback from the client at every stage to ensure that we are on the right track.

    Publishing Branding and Promotions

    Once approved by the client, the book is published and printed in the desired
    formats and implements a personalized marketing and promotional strategy.

    American Book Marketing has helped hundreds of clients become published authors
    through its professional writing and publication services. You could be among them.